What is the Emotion Code™?

The Emotion Code® is an energy healing technique that releases your emotional baggage. This can help you to feel easier, lighter and happier. It can reduce or eliminate physical and emotional issues and help you live a healthier and happier life.

Physical pain can be caused by emotional stress. When we experience an emotionally traumatic event, emotions may get trapped if we cannot express them or allow them to pass through us. When this happens they become ensnared in the energy field of the body. How is this possible?  We are energetic beings, even though we look and feel solid. While we can only see our physical bodies, we are beings of light. This light body, or electromagnetic field, can be measured[i]. Emotions are also energy and will affect us whether they are trapped or not. The trapped emotions exist as balls of energy which can be stuck anywhere in the body, although some areas, such as the heart, are more prone to having a build-up of such emotions. These energies can aggravate conditions and so we feel more pain and distress over time. Trapped emotions such as grief, anger, guilt, anxiety, frustration, etc., can cause physical pain, self-sabotage, emotional and behavioral issues. Releasing these trapped emotions will assist your body in healing. It is a companion therapy to any treatment you are doing under your doctor’s care.

The Emotion Code® is very safe and non-invasive. There is no need to relive the traumas of the past.

How Does the Emotion Code® Work?

By accessing the subconscious mind, we gain information on everything that has happened to a person during their lifetime and even beyond. We use muscle testing (kinesiology) to get answers to yes or no questions.

Through questioning the subconscious, we discover the trapped emotion, bring it to consciousness, and it is now possible to release it. This is done by using a magnet and the principles of Chinese medicine. The magnet is a carrier of the intention of the practitioner to release the trapped emotion. While passing the magnet over the governing meridian of the body the emotion is released. The governing meridian is the main energy channel which connects all of the lesser meridians in the body. Passing the magnet over any portion of the governing meridian will release it, permanently.

From Discoverhealing.com
“Muscle testing is based on principles of bio-magnetic energy. While our conscious mind is mostly oblivious to these energies, we believe our subconscious minds are profoundly affected by them. Our premise is that the subconscious can lead the body to respond to or reinforce positive energy, and to avoid or refuse negative energy. These responses are what make muscle testing possible.”

What conditions can be helped with Emotion Code®?

Clients have found relief with pain (many types and areas), anxiety, tinnitus, weight, insomnia, teeth grinding/clenching, stomach issues, headaches, insomnia, depression, grief, money or abundance issues and much more. To date, when I ask a client’s subconscious if there is a trapped emotion related to a specific issue, I always get ‘yes’.

The Heart-wall

A core feature of the Body Code™ and Emotion Code® is the ability to release Heart-walls, but what IS a Heart-wall?

The Heart-wall – most of us have one

Imagine you are a teenager. You have fallen for your first crush. Whether or not the feelings were reciprocated, eventually there was hurt, rejection and abandonment. At that age it is inevitable. Or perhaps something happened at an earlier age which caused you to close yourself off from feeling love – the loss of a parent, friend, or beloved pet. Grief, anger, heartache – all of these, and other devastating emotions may be the first bricks in your Heart-wall. It is estimated that 93% of adults have one and some children do as well. It is a natural response to trauma to protect oneself. It’s the subconscious’ job to do so.

While protection can be a good thing, it can also hurt us. A wall around our hearts makes it harder for us to love deeply, to feel gratitude and joy. Some of us can go for years feeling virtually nothing at all. This may be common, but it is not normal. The birthright of all humans is to feel joy, love, and gratitude. It is what makes us happy and healthy.

Removal of the Heart-wall is one of the main reasons I chose to become an Emotion Code® practitioner. Having experienced the liberation of my own heart, I know how crucial it is, especially at this time, to help others remove their Heart-walls too. Of all the conditions the Emotion Code® can help, Heart-wall removal is the most important. You CAN feel love and joy. I have done this for myself. I have done this for others. I can do this for you too.

Once the Heart-wall release has started it is best to remove it completely. I have created is a discount package of 4 sessions.  Occasionally more sessions may be needed. If this happens you will receive the same discounted rate for all additional sessions.  Click here or the link below to book your sessions.

Inherited Trapped Emotions

Did you know that we inherit more than just our genes? We can also inherit trapped emotions. These are emotions that an ancestor might have experienced during a time of extreme trauma, which became trapped in the energy body. When that ancestor had children, that trapped emotion was passed on to them. These trapped energies can last many generations. I have found that most range between 10-30 generations, however I have found a few which go back more that 80 generations!

The gift of finding and releasing inherited trapped emotions is that everyone is freed of the energy. You and all the ancestors between you and the original traumatized great-plus-grandparent, and all that person’s descendants, which include your own family (siblings, children). I have had clients tell me that their family members noticed emotional and behavioral changes. These family members had no idea that this work was being done. Imagine blessing your family simply by releasing inherited emotions which are trapped within you!

What Might You Expect during and after a session?

During and after a session you may feel lighter and easier of heart. Clients have reported feeling energetic shifts in their bodies during the session. Some feel gratitude and joy at the sudden release. Others may feel echoes of the released emotions. Occasionally some feel some physical discomfort. However you respond, remember it is a healing crisis. Your body/energy field is letting go of trauma that has been trapped for years, even decades. Allow this to pass. It is temporary and a brighter day is on the other side.

Other ways The Emotion Code® can help – for children AND pets!

Children and pets also have trapped emotions. Consider a child with trauma at an early age, or a beloved rescue dog that has experienced abuse. They have trapped emotions which will contribute to behavioral problems.  

Consider this: children and animals also have inherited trapped emotions. I can’t imagine a greater gift than to release these inherited energies.

Releasing these trapped emotions will make for a happier family life for everyone!

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