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Liberating Hearts, One Emotion at a Time

Are you having trouble with your relationships? Are you feeling like nothing ever goes your way? Are you stressed out by everyday life?

Relax…. you have found the right place.

You have so much you want to accomplish. However, the stresses in life, poor sleep, rocky relationships, and other challenges get in the way of your getting anywhere. You know something isn’t right, but you don’t know what to do or where to start.

Consider Whole Heart Alchemy if you want to:

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I am Lila Solnick

I started Whole Heart Alchemy to help those who wish to feel more connected, lighter of heart and more open to the possibilities of this existence. It is our birthright to live in joy and happiness – these come from within. So many are living from a place of fear, and they cannot imagine living without it. However, it is possible! There are many different paths towards freedom. The Body Code™, Belief Code®, and Emotion Code® are terrific tools to help you get there. Come with me on this journey to discover who you really are. I will share with you how I broke free. The world beyond the chains of fear is beautiful, beyond your wildest dreams.

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