“I am not writing this in the immediate post healing high, that often occurs, I have taken time to reflect deeply and allow all the processes Lila has participated in to settle and integrate, so my testimony can come from the most authentic clarity within my being. Lila has entered my life during one of my most challenging periods and has helped me feel safe and held when I was at the end of my rope, meeting me with unending compassion and unwavering dedication to resolving the intense rollercoaster of overwhelming physical symptoms, including debilitating nerve pain and extreme fatigue. For 2 years, I had been spending the better part of my days in so much pain and so depleted, that I couldn’t do anything but lie in bed and breathe. After a few months of weekly sessions with Lila, I am now pain free for 85% of the time and when the pain flares up, it‘s a fraction of what it was. My energy levels are far steadier, and I can honestly say that I feel emotionally, physically and mentally balanced most of the time and I feel free to finally, after a lifetime of pain and struggle, follow my heart’s true joy.”
Tanja S.
“Lila was instrumental in removing a very thick heart wall for me, which left me feeling freer and more loving. She is truly dedicated to this work, and it shows. I've recommended her to many people and plan to continue working with her.”
“Lila's work and her passion to help others are inspiring. The transformations I experience after each, and every session reflect the genius behind this process. Lila is very patient in discerning connections and causation. She gets to and through the underlying stuck energy and emotions and releases the tangled up "stuff" with the wave of a hand. Her enthusiasm and joy at seeing my progress and growth is genuine."
“Lila was so sweet and lovely to work with. She really helped me clear my heart space with the emotion code sessions. She really takes the time with you and genuinely wants to help people. I feel amazing and would recommend Lila! Many blessings to your big heart.”
Chicago, IL
“Lila is a grounded, heart-centered, optimistic, humanitarian, calm, capable, efficient healing facilitator. You will feel safe in her presence as she can help shed light and support you as you explore tough situations and conditions in life. Highly recommend.”
Atlanta, GA
“I started Body Code with Lila for digestive issues and chronic back/hip pain. We’ve had several sessions, and I’ve experienced a significant decrease in my gastrointestinal issues, as well as decreased pain and greater flexibility in my back and hips. I am able to go longer between my chiropractor visits and feel greater physical freedom overall. Lila is a talented healer, and Body Code is an effective - and easy - modality.”
Chicago, IL
“The process of our friendship had deepened a lot. For me these are not merely decoding body codes but all those insights and processes that follow after the removal of all those very old stuck emotions which result in a letting go of old patterns. Often those patterns were too harsh to be removed by myself. Transformation is the result. Thank you very much.”
“Lila is a talented emotion code practitioner. I had multiple sessions with her, and she was very patient in each session. She takes the time to explain the steps involved. She is punctual and professional.”
Glen M.
“The offer/invitation to join this program arrived when I most needed it, and meeting Lila during the first sessions was a pleasant surprise, as I didn't have much expectation, only a feeling of calling in my heart, of trust and surrender to a new learning & healing experience. I was quickly impressed by how well the sessions flowed, the soul compatibility with Lila, by how I felt seen, understood, supported... most notably I was impressed by how clearly, I felt in my bodies the effects of the released emotional energy. I felt safe to open my heart and accept what she did with me, to trust and be radically honest with her & myself about my pains and fears, to let go of baggage, embrace change. I experienced moments of massive emotional-energy release during the days in between sessions, which instantly impacted the quality of my life flow, especially the depth and quality of my social interactions. I made the sessions a priority, did my best to respect her work and dedication by being on-time, by openly expressing my gratitude & appreciation. I write this message several weeks after our sessions have stopped, I am still very busy integrating the healing we've done together, bringing the purity of Heart & Body as much as I can into all my relations, manifesting healthy ways of Being myself in a world that I'm now seeing with different eyes, with a less cluttered vision of my human Self and it's place our world. Love and Gratitude, Lila! Kudos for your amazing work and personal Presence! I feel blessed for having had the chance to benefit from this. May the Angels blow wind in your sails, may you rise to the heights of your beautiful Being!”
Teo Dorescu
"My Emotion Code sessions with Lila Solnick have been absolutely amazing. She released a Heart Wall with the blocked emotion of horror. The block had occurred when I was 17 years old involving an animal. When I was 17 years old I hit a pigeon with my car. The accident was unavoidable. The pigeon hit the hood of the car which left a dent. Every time I saw the dent I was reminded of killing the pigeon. I have had a feeling of lightness and a sense of well-being since Lila cleared my heart wall. Thank you, Lila for helping me so much!”
Brenda C.
"Through both the Emotion Code and Body Code I have released many inherited trapped emotions, which means my family members are also receiving these releases. My sister told me, "I have felt lighter and less stressed these past few weeks. I appreciate what you are doing. You are making a difference in my life for sure."
Jana B.
"I’ve had several emotion code sessions with Lila. She is excellent at muscle testing and finding the hidden emotions. She is very kind and thorough and a joy to work with. Truly an Incredible human with a heart of gold."
Diana R.
San Francisco, CA
“Over the course of seven weeks Lila assisted me in releasing numerous heart walls that one might say was keeping me imprisoned. In several instances the heart wall emotion were found to be inherited, dating back many generations; what a relief to release them for myself and my ancestors. At the end of the second to last session I mentioned to Lila that I felt good, happy, something was lifted off me. And at the conclusion of the last session, I noted that I could feel a tingling sensation in the crown of my head and as I continued to observe this 'tingling' I could feel it gradually cascade down through my body. I really appreciate Lila's assistance and strongly suggest others on a spiritual path consider this form of healing.”
San Antonio, TX
“Working with Lila through her emotion code modality has been an uplifting and soothing experience. Not only is Lila a dedicated student of the practice, but she also has a deep compassion for helping others which helps the healing process transcend to a different level.Through Lila's work, I have noticed a positive shift in my perspective regarding my healing journey. Emotions like anxiety, fear, confusion, and feeling lost, have all been addressed.Lila is a remarkable woman with lifetimes of wisdom. Through her own adversities, she can recognize and empathize with her clients on a very loving and supportive level. On top of it all, she has a great sense of humor and an attitude towards life that is inspiring.I am looking forward to continuing my sessions with her.”
Amanda E.
“Lila Solnick is such a pleasure to work with using the Emotion Code modality to release stuck emotions. Lila has been sensitive, intuitive, compassionate, and effective during my sessions with her. And as importantly, she is very thorough with the process, verifying and taking notes. Doing the work on my own it’s difficult to keep adequate notes and to remember to go back and continue with issues that require more work. With Lila as an efficient and effective guide though the process I’ve been able to release so much and have gone further with her than I could have on my own. After working with Lila, I feel lighter, more free to act instead of procrastinate, less judgmental and critical about my faults. I am deeply grateful to have found her and appreciate her accommodating and helpful demeanor.”
Donna P.
“Lila has been so great to work with and brought me a lot of emotional relief. After trying several different therapies to try to relieve some emotional trauma, I truly feel like she has given me the hope I was looking for! She's kind, considerate and really good at what she does. I noticed results immediately after our first session and continue to notice results after each corresponding session. We still have another session to go, but I feel like my hope has been restored that I can get past these issues thanks to Lila. I am really grateful to have met her and highly recommend her to anyone.”
Emilee L.
“The sessions we have had have been very helpful especially the Heart wall release. It's been truly transformational for me. Am feeling my heart wide open and am more open to life and what it has to offer without any fear. All the emotions that were released have made a difference in my life. For that am truly grateful. We also did the physical release of the pain in my lower abdomen. That has significantly reduced and on the pain scale, it's a 2, so am also very grateful for that. In overall the experience has been helpful and I have only much love, appreciation for the work you are doing. I will for you the very best even as you continue to support people in this area.”
Pascaline S.
“I had been looking into various energetic healing modalities and heard of the Emotion code. After learning about it, I decided to try it. Lila did several sessions with me, releasing a lot of vibrational traumas that has been present and blocking my efforts to move forward on my spiritual path. I learned so much about how experiences carry their own vibrational frequencies, and how our physical and energetic bodies hold onto that energy, and how that can lead to illness and can block our efforts to heal from those experiences. Lila is a straightforward, compassionate, and gifted healer with a genuine desire to help others find release from the things that hold us back in living in joy. I felt lighter after the very first session. I could feel the shift in my energy! And I just felt really good. With each session, I felt better, and better. Going through this process has helped me to trust in the energetic process, to trust my own ability to heal. I now feel free of a lot of the old patterns of coping. I feel a lot more open and optimistic about my path forward.”
Rachel B.
"I highly recommend working with Lila. I worked with her for several sessions of both Emotion Code and Body Code work. Lila is kind, compassionate, and most importantly, highly attuned. Working with her was transformative to me in my journey for physical healing and spiritual growth”
Anna C.
Seattle WA
“I've been in recovery for over 21 years. I have worked on issues of abandonment, grief, anger, low self-esteem etc. And while I've been able to work on these things, pinpoint the causes, there was always the residual effects left behind. I've had this negative chatter that goes on in my mind, for years, that I refer to as "the committee". When they start, it is hard to get them to be quiet, and they seem to spiral. Negative unloving thoughts, things I wouldn't say to the people I love.After my first session with Lila and The Emotion Code, other than the heaviness in my chest, I didn't really notice any difference. But the next day I realized that "the committee" had quieted down. Lila, with The Emotion Code, was able to pinpoint and name these emotions that have been in a holding pattern in my body. These are the hidden emotions that play a huge role in the negative self-talk. It is so nice to go through my day and not have to listen to the critical thoughts. I have also had other health issues that coincide with the organs in relation to the Emotion Code chart. If you are wondering if this might be helpful to you, give it a shot. You have nothing to lose.... except the things that weigh you down and cause sickness in your body, mind and spirit. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you, Lila.”
Kimberly G.