Here you will find everything that I have used to help me on my own healing journey. Some of the links will be to affiliate sites. However, if these products did not work for me, I would not share them. I tend to have a very low sensitivity for certain types of products, so when something works for me, it’s potentially amazing for others.


This list is incomplete. There are FAR more books that have helped changed my life (see link below), however these are the top of the list. The top four have had the greatest impact for me, so I highly recommend them. Not that I don’t recommend the others, however, if you MUST choose…

To see a more extensive list of books that have greatly influenced my life go to

*These are not affiliate links to Amazon. I try to buy as little from Amazon as possible. The links go to, a site that supports small book sellers. These are affiliate links. You may find that the price is a little higher than Amazon. Personally, I am okay with this. We have been used to buying goods from a website that has virtually destroyed all competition. I am as responsible for this as anyone. When I understood what I was agreeing to, when buying from Amazon (or any other major retailer) I decided to change as much as possible where I shop. Sourcing books from other places is a relatively easy switch.
Another site that I like to use is They also support small book sellers

Dr. Bradley Nelson and Discover Healing

First and foremost, Dr Bradley Nelson has had a huge impact on my life. After all, what is it that I am doing? Who is Dr Nelson and how did he make this possible?


“Dr. Nelson was a practicing chiropractor for 17 years. During his tenure, Dr. Nelson discovered a pattern where he was able to help his patients overcome physical ailments by releasing negative energy. This pattern is repeatable and reliable, similar to the systems he had learned during computer programming training in college. Over the years, he developed a very specific method for quickly and effectively releasing that energy — and he watched his patients get better.

After retiring from his practice, Dr. Nelson wrote his book, “The Emotion Code.” In it, he shares in detail the methods he developed in energy healing during his years of working with countless patients.

Dr. Nelson has always felt strongly that these simple practices could change the world if more people could access the tools. His company, Discover Healing (see links below), was created to do just that — to reach anyone who’s willing to learn. Dr. Nelson, his staff, and thousands of certified practitioners worldwide are teaching people how to enable their body’s own recovery mechanisms through energy healing.

The Body Code (a deeper level of training) was developed to expand on to advance The Emotion Code®. Using the same simple methods Dr. Nelson used in his practice, it gives the world access to the potentially life-changing methods he’s developed over decades of experience.”

“Potentially life-changing” – the Emotion Code® and Body Code™ have been more that just potential for me. These modalities have been truly life changing to me.

During interviews Dr. Nelson always states that he asks for assistance from above when working with his patients. This single act helped me understand that it is NOT me who is doing this. I am just the radio or receiver of information. This helps me stay connected to Source (Universe, God, The Field), to set my intention to be a clear channel so that I create a sacred space or container for the work I do with my clients.

I am eternally grateful to Dr Brad and his trust in a higher power to deliver the information he needed, just when he needed it. His inspired actions in the creation of the Emotion Code® and Body Code™ have helped thousands across the planet.

Click to learn more about Dr Nelson, the Emotion Code® and Body Code™.

This is just the beginning. Imagine how far we can go with these modalities to release the trauma of humanity and the Earth.

To learn more, go to Discover Healing.

Click to get your free Emotion Code® starter kit.

Click to learn about the Emotion Code® introductory series.

Click to learn about the Body Code™ introductory series.

More information about The Body Code™ and Emotion Code®
At the bottom of this page are a few videos about The Emotion Code®.

Take few minutes learn more from Dr Bradley Nelson about this amazing modality. You can also search Youtube for interviews and tutorials.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

The main reason I am now a Body Code™ and Emotion Code® practitioner is Dr. Joe Dispenza. I first “met” him in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” It wasn’t until I had become very ill and in recovery that I learned about how powerful his work can be. I read “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” at the end of 2018. In January 2019 I started meditating. Part of the formula for success with his meditations is to feel elevated emotions. I could not. I started looking for a way to help myself open my heart. Someone mentioned “The Emotion Code” book in a Dr. Joe Facebook group. I bought the book and read it in a weekend. Then I started releasing my heart wall. Within 2 months I had my first transcendent meditation experience. I continue to experience healings through the work. A major leap happened in February 2020. For years I had been using a walker to get around. I did the Walking Meditation on February 13. The next day I stopped using the walker and I haven’t used it since. I highly recommend looking into Dr Joe Dispenza’s work. I also recommend looking at his YouTube channel and watching the testimonial videos from students who have healed their bodies and lives. You can learn more about Dr. Joe Dispenza at here. Check out a few videos with Dr Joe linked below.

Paul Selig and the Guides

While I love Dr Joe’s teachings and mediations, I knew I needed something less technical. Dr Joe is very much into science and doing things a specific way. It’s a brilliant way to form a routine and forge new neural pathways, however I found myself missing something.

Paul Selig is a conscious channel. He is clairaudient, so he will hear the words in his head and repeat them aloud. The Guides that he channels are a group of beings, some who have been incarnate on earth others who have not. The most striking thing about their teachings is the purity and consistency of their message. There is no agenda behind it, except perhaps, to help Humanity to recognize that the denial of the Divine is our biggest problem.

I had originally heard of Paul Selig in 2016. I bought the book “I Am The Word”, read it, and it went over my head. I knew there was something special there, however I just wasn’t ready to hear it. Fast forward to May 2020. I saw Paul was giving a 2 ½ hour, “pay what you like” workshop. I signed up and was blown away by what I learned. Intellectually I understood that everything comes from the Quantum Field, which is the Source of all things, however I did not truly get it, in my heart. That lecture helped me embody the concept that all things are Divine, without exception. I immediately started applying what I had learned by blessing the medications that I take. I knew I was taking them with fear of the side-effects. For example, the diuretics I have been taking have caused pain in the form of gout. So, every morning I blessed the medications, seeing them as the Divine energies that they are with absolute knowing that they cannot harm me. After two weeks of doing this, I realized that pain had diminished considerably. In fact, there was no pain at all, the skin on the gouty area was a normal color and it was less swollen. This has remained the case ever since.

The teachings of the Guides have had a profound effect on my life. I highly recommend reading “I Am The Word” and checking out Paul’s YouTube channel. You can learn more about him here. Check out a few videos with Paul linked below.

Click here to visit Paul’s website to learn about his workshops, books and more.

Below are products that I use which have helped me on my healing journey.
These are affiliate links.


Lifewave produces patches which activate our own stem cells to help restore health and well being to our bodies. The patches use phototherapy which activates and mobilizes the body’s stem cells, which can support the natural wound healing process and immune function, elevate antioxidants, manage inflammation, stimulate the production of collagen, etc.

The X39 patch, which is the one I use most often, elevates… “the peptide GHK-Cu which declines with age. When elevated, this peptide activates the body’s stem cells providing incredible benefits such as better wound healing, heightened energy, deeper sleep, rapid pain relief and even a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.”

I discovered the amazing benefits of this patch shortly after I started using it. I had a failed root canal which had become infected. I went to the dentist and made plans to have it extracted with an oral surgeon. However, the soonest appointment was 8 weeks away. I took penicillin to reduce the infection, but after 3 weeks the infection was getting worse again. It was a Friday afternoon and the doctors’ offices were closed. Saturday morning, It dawned on me to try putting a patch on my cheek. I did this and by the end of the day the swelling had gone down, nearly to normal. The next day, after applying a new patch, the tooth felt completely normal, as though there was no infection. For 5 weeks I kept the infection down with the daily application of a patch to my cheek, until I was able to have the tooth extracted.

Beyond that, I now know that the X39TM patch has been helping reduce the lymphedema in my legs. It has been very subtle, but after a couple of months it was obviously causing improvements. I love helping my body heal while doing the Body CodeTM and Emotion Code®, with the best support possible. Lifewave patches, especially the X39 are a part of my tool kit for regaining my health.

Visit the Lifewave website.


I have been a member of Gaia for many years, periodically watching interesting interviews and movies. Nine months after I became a student of Dr Joe Dispenza (Jan 2019) Gaia started releasing the series “Rewired” featuring Dr. Joe. The show was a great way to get deeper into the work and really understand what goes on in the body and brain when we meditate and change our state of being. In October of 2019 Gaia had their third Gaiasphere event (now called Events+), “Becoming Supernatural” with Dr Joe. These events are like 3-day workshops with a featured speaker. Gaia had already hosted two events with Gregg Braden and Caroline Myss.  It was as though I’d be able to attend a workshop, without leaving my home for a lot less, and still get an amazing education. I signed up for the next membership level to gain access and was blown away by the content. I also have access to all Gaiasphere events. They have had some amazing speakers: besides Gregg Braden (there are now TWO events with him) and Caroline Myss, there’s Dr Bruce Lipton and Nassim Haramein. There will be three new events this year: Dr Steven Greer, Matias DeStefano and Graham Hancock.

The rest of the content on Gaia is equally amazing. Gregg Braden has his own series “Missing Links”. Dr Bruce Lipton’s series is “Inner Evolution”. There are over 8,000 videos about ancient civilizations, healing, expanding consciousness, spiritual growth, personal development and more.

I have learned so much about human potential and history on Gaia, I know it’s played a major part in my understanding of who we are and where we are going. The content I have watched is empowering and uplifting and transformational. I believe part of the reason I am doing this work is because of what I have watched on Gaia.

I don’t watch or pay for television (it’s called “programming” for a reason). I realized that Gaia is a much better place to spend my time and money, if I wanted to watch something that would help me grow, not drag me down.

Gaia has a 7-day free trial. Check it out. It really is “TV” worth watching

Primal Life Organics

Dental health is more important than most people realize. Beyond giving us a way to help our digestion by breaking up what we consume before it enters our stomach, teeth are a part of our energetic system. They are like circuit breakers in the electrical/meridian system in our bodies. Each tooth is associated with different organs and glands and the health of those teeth can tell us much about the health of our body systems. When tooth health is compromised this can cause imbalances and dis-ease in the body.  In my own case I have several root canals, two of which are connected to the pancreas.  The pancreas secretes insulin and other digestive hormones that help to regulate blood sugar as well as hormones that help to digest food.

 When there is an imbalance, we can get insulin resistance and diabetes.  For years I have had insulin resistance. Over many years I have tried correcting this with diet by reducing/eliminating carbohydrates, following a ketogenic diet and even carnivore. I know that these ways of eating correct insulin issues for most people. However, for me nothing changed. While studying for Body Code™ certification I watched the movie “Root Cause” on Gaia. I learned about the health connection between our teeth and body. At the time I had five root canals. Two of them are on the meridian which connects to the pancreas. This explains the insulin resistance I experience. At some point, I will have zirconia implants put in. This will help to restore balance. Until that happens, I periodically correct the imbalance in my energy field.

In the meantime, to help keep my teeth, mouth and rest of the body healthy I have opted to be far more proactive with my dental care. I started using Primal Life Organics tooth powder and serum when one of my teeth started getting sensitive to cold. I have been oil pulling for years and usually this would have prevented such an occurrence. However, oil pulling didn’t help as it had before. After using Primal Life Organics tooth powder and serum for just a few days the pain and sensitivity are gone. I can feel my teeth getting stronger as the enamel is restored. I highly recommend Primal Life Organics!

Visit Primal Life Organics website to learn more.


Emotion Code® videos

Dr Joe Dispenza videos

Paul Selig videos