What is the Belief Code™?

From the time we are born until about age 7, we are immersed in the ideas and beliefs of everyone around us. We are sponges for information and we have no way to discern or filter the data that comes in. First our parents, siblings, or caregivers share their beliefs and opinions, then later friends, their parents even strangers tell us what they believe. Some of these beliefs may be positive and uplift us as we grow older. Others will be negative, sharing ideas of how unworthy we are, how frightening the world is, that we lack the resources to be safe, and more. These beliefs become the foundation of our entire identity, setting us up to be unhappy, depressed, a failure or worse. Since everyone grows up with a collection of limiting beliefs, it seems like everything is stacked against us.

Currently the world is undergoing a shift in awareness as to how our thoughts, behaviors and actions affect the world. We have become aware that the unconscious and unintentional way our parents treated us was traumatic for us. They learned their behavior from their parents and so were also traumatized. This goes back for generations. We understand that it is up to us to break the cycle of negative programs and limiting beliefs which have shaped how we think of ourselves, our lives, and the world.

How can we heal ourselves from this deep programming?

The Belief Code® is a ground-breaking method of energy healing which reaches into the database of our subconscious mind and uproots the negative programs, limiting beliefs, and faulty beliefs which keep us from being our authentic selves.

Have you found yourself behaving and thinking in any of these ways?
You can release negative belief systems and create space for new empowering thoughts!

You can:

Let the Belief Code® help remove negative programming and start living your best life!

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