Heart-wall and other wall types

A core feature of the Body Code™ and Emotion Code® is the ability to release Heart-walls, but what IS a Heart-wall?

The Heart-wall – most of us have one

Imagine you are a teenager. You have fallen for your first crush. Whether or not the feelings were reciprocated, eventually there was hurt, rejection and abandonment. At that age it is inevitable. Or perhaps something happened at an earlier age which caused you to close yourself off from feeling love – the loss of a parent, friend, or beloved pet. Grief, anger, heartache – all of these, and other devastating emotions may be the first bricks in your Heart-wall. It is estimated that 93% of adults have one and some children do as well. It is a natural response to trauma to protect oneself. It’s the subconscious’ job to do so.

While protection can be a good thing, it can also hurt us. A wall around our hearts makes it harder for us to love deeply, to feel gratitude and joy. Some of us can go for years feeling virtually nothing at all. This may be common, but it is not normal. The birthright of all humans is to feel joy, love, and gratitude. It is what makes us happy and healthy.

Removal of the Heart-wall is one of the main reasons I chose to become an Emotion Code® practitioner. Having experienced the liberation of my own heart, I know how crucial it is, especially at this time, to help others remove their Heart-walls too. Of all the conditions the Emotion Code® can help, Heart-wall removal is the most important. You CAN feel love and joy. I have done this for myself. I have done this for others. I can do this for you too.

Once the Heart-wall release has started it is best to remove it completely. I have created is a discount package of 4 sessions.  Occasionally more sessions may be needed. If this happens you will receive the same discounted rate for all additional sessions.  Click here or the link below to book your sessions.

Emotional Walls

The Body Code™ and Emotion Code® can facilitate the release of emotions around a particular issue. For example, if you have relationship issues, there are a collection of trapped emotions and energies which are causing you to repeat behaviors and patterns. Those energies can be released so that you can create a new future. I call those related trapped emotions a “wall”. Just like a Heart-wall emotions around a specific issue can be measured and released.

Besides a Heart-wall, emotional walls can be:

So, what is next?

Remember, any type of issue you have can be called a wall. If you think you have a Heart-wall or any type of emotional wall which you would like released,
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