4 Steps to Avoid Trapping New Emotions After Your Heart-Wall Release

Releasing heart-walls is one of the things I LOVE about the Emotion Code®. My own heart-wall release was the deciding factor to become a practitioner.  My clients feel free and open-hearted once liberated of the trapped emotional baggage they’ve picked up over their lifetime (and sometimes earlier!). Once released, the emotions are gone, forever, however, when you are not aware of your emotional state you can easily trap new emotions and create a new heart-wall. 

How do I avoid building a new heart-wall after my heart-wall release?

Recently I received an email from a client asking me if it was possible to build a new wall.  I informed her that yes, it was possible.  Additionally, I outlined the technique which I have used successfully for years, to prevent new emotions from being trapped. The first step is to become aware of your emotional state – building up your emotional quotient (EQ). Once you realize that you’ve been fuming or ruminating about a particular occurrence, you can release the emotions before they become trapped by following these steps:

  1. Recognize that something has triggered you. You suddenly feel anger, frustration, anxiety, depression – whatever it might be. This first step is key. You can’t alchemize an emotion unless you know you are feeling it.  It may take some time before you get into the habit of noticing. DON’T beat yourself up when you don’t see it right away. You may stew for hours, a day or a week… and that’s okay! If you set the intention to become aware, you will do it eventually. It’s both a new habit and skill. Recognize that it takes time for the new neural pathways to form.

  2. Once you see what’s been happening, you are now the observer of it. Great! This is where the magic happens. When you observe your emotional state, you get to CHOOSE how to respond.  Don’t stuff it down. Feel it. Allow it to be expressed, safely, without lashing out at friends and family. Go to step 3 as soon as you have a safe space to sit in quietly for 5 to 10 minutes.

  3. One of the most useful tools I have used over the years is to see the one feeling the emotion as my 5-year-old self. Our parents were never able to love us in the way WE needed to be loved. This is not to disparage our parents. They could have been the best people in the world. But they aren’t YOU. Only you know what you need. It’s helpful if you have an image of yourself at that age. This aids in forming the interaction in your mind. Visualize and see yourself feeling the emotion. Love yourself! Say it’s okay to feel it. The young you is right. It’s unfair and it hurts. Say that it’s okay to feel it for as long as you want. Hold and love yourself for as long as you need.  Feel this as deeply as you can manage. What I found is that the emotion disappears almost immediately.

  4. However long it takes to get to the place where the emotion   
    Feel the joy of a heart-wall release!
    Embrace your younger self. Feel the joy of a heart-wall release!
    is gone, once it IS gone, replace it with happiness, joy, love, compassion, gratitude, whichever feels right to you at that time. Take a couple of minutes to do this step. You will be filling the vacuum left by the undesirable released emotion.  Moving to a place of joy will aid in shifting the energy of the current experience and will help the next time you are triggered. The memory created in your subconscious will reduce the amount of time you are provoked.


I used these steps for years until I came to a place where I didn’t need it as a technique any longer, as it happened naturally and without conscious effort. It’s a matter of practice.



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